Patrick McDowell

First Post!

 After fighting to find a reasonable minimilaist CMS, giving up, and deciding to build a blog from scratch - I think we are finally in a state ready to publish! I started by reading Jon Duckett's excellent (if a little dated) book on HTML and CSS, then brushing up on the more modern methodology of using flexbox to organize a fluid layout suitable for both desktop and mobile.

 It has been years since I have ran a blog. Back then (around 2008/2009) Wordpress was all the rage, SEO was the hot skill to have, and security concerns played second fiddle to the exploding Web 2.0, content-driven world. I am ashamed to say I was a part of that blogspam industry during the peak of it's popularity - hanging out on Digital Point, selling SEO "services" and running article farms. I did dable in web development back then as well, which looking back - was probably the only thing of real value I provided. I suppose staring at stylesheets and html in vscode has brought back old memories, but I digress.

 Fortunately I did "get my shit together" in 2012 and went to college, knocked out a few degrees, and launched my career in cybersecurity. Really that is my motivation for starting this blog in the first place. I feel that after 8 or so years in the industry, I now have enough experience to start dumping ideas that may help someone - somewhere. I am also hoping it will serve as an outlet for developing my ability to articulate ideas, as well as solidify my understanding of any content covered.

 In any event, I hope to have my first real post up shortly - after provisioning a VPS in Amazon Lightsail to host.

Happy New Year!